Automotive/Truck Featured Products


Colour Fit

  • Rugged Steel Sleeve Design
  • Scratch-Resistant Color Anodizing
  • Compact Retail Packaging Footprint
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Brake Offering Sept 2018

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Screw Grab

  • Helps remove or tighten stripped screws
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NGK Ruthenium HX Sell Sheet

  • Patented specialized OEM designs to meet the demands of modern engines
  • Provides greater durability than traditional Iridium/Platinum spark plugs in high heat engines
  • Prevents physical wear-out and the peeling of microparticles on the center electrode
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NuTrend Dark Light Glove

  • Dark Light Black Nitrile Powder Free Exam Gloves have an average 9 mil thick finger thickness, providing extra protection and stronger resistance to wear and tear. It is one of the thickest black color nitrile gloves on the market.
  • These gloves are also great for law enforcement agencies, military, correctional facilities, homeland security, laboratory, mid to heavy mechanics and industrial applications.
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Proworks Pyramid Gloves

  • Heavyweight industrial glove
  • Not for medical use
  • Powder Free
  • Made from synthetic rubber or butadiene
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Renovator Shocks & Struts

  • For high mileage vehicles or budget conscious
  • A lower priced option with coverage that includes many popular car, truck and SUV applications 6-25 years old
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